My AHS: Roanoke Theories

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October 27, 2016 by DeLa Doll

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD, do not read unless you’ve already seen episodes 1-7 (or unless you don’t give a shit about spoilers). 

I fucking love horror, so it only makes sense that I am a huge fan American Horror Story. Coven was my first season, and then I went back and watched Murder House and Asylum. From that point on, I’ve tuned in for every subsequent episode and season (Coven and Murder House are my faves. Fuck Asylum. I mean. I hated Asylum.) 

That brings me to the current season, good ol’ “found footage” Roanoke. The first episode was iffy. I wasn’t sure if I liked the whole “show within a show” format, but I quickly grew to love it. It’s scary, eerie, and just the right amount of gory given the storyline. I’ve never liked excessive gore, but they’ve found a nice balance here. 

Moving on, in episode 6, we learned that everyone on the show dies saves for one person, and my mind immediately began to try and pinpoint who the lone survivor could be. By this week’s episode (7), I’m confident that it’s gonna be… 

Rooting for You

Lee. Here’s my reasoning: 

1. Lee has the best survival skills

2. Lee is the anti-hero and has a storyline that has yet to be resolved, i.e. the entire world, including her own family and cast members, thinking she killed her husband. 

3. The previews for next week’s episode show Lee still alive, though one leg short and still held hostage by the horrifying cannibal hick gang. 

4. All the other characters just kinda feel disposable and weak. Lee, on the other hand, is a BAMF with a plan: Prove her innocence and continue to make a life for her daughter. 

5. Seeing her survive that hellscape with only one leg would be awesome. The lone survivor being an amputee black single mother? Fucking yes, please.

Other notes:

  • I was so happy when the real Butcher killed Agnes. So fucking happy. 
  • I kinda suspect Agnes may make a reappearance as a member of the undead beneath the Blood Moon. She might redeem herself by somehow allowing for “lone survivor” to escape. I feel this way because she showed remorse for having killed Alyssa, briefly crying about having deprived Alyssa’s baby of a mother, before slipping back into her mania.

What do you guys think? Post your own theories and reactions in the comments! 


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