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General Stuff

So…I’m a highly opinionated, brown, 24 year old lady person living in Northern Florida. I’m a writer and major consumer of pop culture and media, especially when that media falls within the realm of “nerdy.” That said, I’m a book/game enthusiast. Aside from writing about the media I devour, I also like to display my love for it via cosplay. I also attend conventions and make/assemble my own costumes. I decided to create this blog in order to talk about my cosplay adventures and write about all the things I feel when I’m doing my content consumption thing. I’ve always been really into writing, and really into dressing up, crafting, and receiving lots of attention (I have no problem admitting that I enjoy the attention I receive for my cosplay), so blogging and cosplay are great ways to address all those interests.

The Media Feast

I watch a lot of everything, honestly. I like reality television, horror movies, anime, cartoons (meaning non-anime animated stuff – yes, there’s a difference…kinda), game shows, dramas…everything.

Games are a mixed bag as well. My favorite games series titles of all time are Spyro the Dragon and Soul Calibur. I generally go for RPGs and fighting games, but I’ll play pretty much anything (as evidenced by my game collection, which consists of a lot things that have nothing do with each other that I probably bought on a whim because there were either on sale or had cool art work and character customization).

Cosplay Stuff

As far as choosing characters to cosplay goes, I have a lot of ideas for characters and costumes I’d like to do, and I don’t believe in limiting myself based on my color, size, or gender. I just plan to cosplay characters I like and identify with. Being black in the nerd world is pretty interesting, to say the least. Luckily, I haven’t had any personal experiences with idiots so far. People really seem to dig my Raven cosplay despite the fact that I’m clearly not, you know, fucking gray. I firmly believe in doing what you want, even if you don’t look exactly like the character you’re portraying. Passion , fun, and overall skills are more important than anything else, in my book.

The first cosplay I’ve ever done is Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. I wore it at Holiday Matsuri 2014. I made her bass out of elastic string and cardboard.

I was Marceline from Adventure Time.

There’s the guitar. And also me, holding the guitar.

What’s in a Name? 

My screen name is just the first two letters of my first name, the first two letters of my middle name, and then the surname “Doll”. Doll was chosen because my looks have described as doll-like ever since I was a child…which sounds more like a cute way of calling me creepy than a full-fledged compliment, but since I have a tendency towards creepiness, I don’t mind.


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