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  1. My AHS: Roanoke Theories

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    October 27, 2016 by DeLa Doll

    Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD, do not read unless you’ve already seen episodes 1-7 (or unless you don’t give a shit about …
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  2. Dammit, Tim. 


    October 2, 2016 by DeLa Doll

    Tim Burton, as a fan, I feel like you just pissed in my cereal, man. I tried, for many years, …
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  3. Blackface is Ugly and I’m Being Harassed: A Tale of Cosplay & Cosplayers Gone Wrong  


    September 5, 2016 by DeLa Doll

    NOTE: An updated, more detailed version of this piece can be found on the Huffinton Post. Know what happens sometimes …
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  4. 10 Black Cosplayers I Love


    May 10, 2016 by DeLa Doll

    Title is self explanatory. As a black cosplayer, I’ve experienced some backlash over my choice to sometimes cosplay characters who …
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  5. RE: “GitS: Is This Really a Case of Whitewashing?”

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    April 17, 2016 by DeLa Doll

    Background Recently, one of my peers (fellow writer and cosplayer) decided to foolishly play devil’s advocate in discussing the controversy …
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  6. Fans and Follows: How to Not Be the Worst 


    April 17, 2016 by DeLa Doll

    I know it’s trendy and super cool to have a page dedicated to your copslay, be it on Tumblr, Facebook, …
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  7. Personal Experiences with Sexism in the Cosplay Community 


    March 27, 2016 by DeLa Doll

    It’s like there’s a sudden rash of sexist fuckboys in my little corner of the cosplay community. Over the past …
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